Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Blog!

I have began a new blog! As much as I LOVE this blog and I have enjoyed being a part of such an awesome website, however I do believe change is good. I can't wait to have new opportunities. Visit my new blog here .I have loved this one, but it's time to move on. Change is a good thing, check out the new blog! Thank you for such awesome opportunities. I will still blog but at a new address! Thank you!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Oh my goodness, I love this website guys!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tall Girl Problems

Tall Girl Problems:
- Not being able to lay flat on your bed because your feet hang over the edge and the monsters will get them
- Everybody looking at your feet to see heels, but they see flats.
-Everyone calling you "tall girl"
-Being told you should totally be a model ALL the time
- Every guy shorter than you
- Having to awkwardly squat in a photo because you're way taller than the other people
- Having a short friend want the front seat then not stop complaining when your knees are in their back
-Being mistaken for being older
-Being asked how you're so tall
- Having pants that are perfect in leg size, but way to big in the waist
- Having people look up at your face and wave
- Realizing that your arms are freakishly long
- Having shorts that are "too short" because of long legs, so you're usually wearing Bermudas.
-Not allowed to wear heels because you need to let your best friend wear heels while you wear flats so you're the same height
-Never stop eating
-Everybody asking why you're so skinny
-Bones popping (like all the time)
- Legs not fitting underneath your desk, so you sit in some awkward pose
-Having to slouch in class because the people can't see that are behind you.
- Everyone always asking you to reach things
-People all the time asking if you play basketball
-Being treated like the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk
-Bigger than most adults
And Finally...
- Listening to people ALWAYS whine about how they want to be that tall. Like, y'all don't even KNOW the struggle!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Who I was, Who I am now, What I will Be

 Who I was:
I used to be this little girl that used to love mustard. I had long blonde hair that my mom would put up each morning for me. I had several friends, Sarah, Abby, Natalie who are all still my friends. I was scared of haunted houses, and the chainsaw guy. I used to see the good in everybody, and that always outshined the evil. I loved to eat food (and I still do!)
This was me when I was about five sharing food with Sarah. I am on the right, she is on the left.

Who I am now:
I am thirteen I am in love with haunted houses. I am a pianist, violinist, violist, and vocalist. I often sing on my church with my friends. I go to school, and I am constantly on some kind of electronic. I can go from mall to mud in about 5 seconds. I love to travel. A lot of my pets have either died, or we had to give them away. Sugar, Bo, Roscoe. I still have Oscar (Ogie Boy), Casey, and Ginger. I enjoy writing, reading, looking at old photos, history, finding out new things, baking, soapmaking, helping others, being an active church member, shopping, riding horses, watching movies, writing letters, and a lot more!  Here's an updated picture of me:
This is my friends and I on a trip in Chicago over the Summer. (from left to right) Natalie, Me, Sarah

Who I will be:
I will be a married, college educated, mother of four with a loving, faithful husband. I will be either an English teacher or a journalist.  I will have two dogs, one cat, and a fish tank (filled with Nemo's Marlin's and Dory's) I will live in a beautiful home. I will be a HUGE football fan and I will make my kids be active. I will enjoy family hikes, hunting trips, and summer vacations. I will be a loving, caring disciple of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mystery Stamps Part One

Okay, so I have started writing this story and I want to know what y'all think!

"I shut my laptop lid and slid it in my bag. I checked my planner and knew instantly it was going to be a long day. Three presentations, two tests, a solo tryout for Orchestra, and freshman orientation for Ashton High, the school that was practically pulling me in by ropes. Literally, their mascot is the cowboys. At least I knew I could relax in english class. Mr. Brown was funny. I shut my planner and threw that into my bag with my binder and my books. It was the last week of school. I couldn't wait until June 1. It couldn't come any sooner. I ran down the oak hallway slipping and sliding with my socks in a frantic search for my Converse and to brush my rat's nest of hair. I tried the bathroom door, and my little brother , Luke yelled at me. but finally opened the door, and ran out of the bathroom. I put a clip in my hair and slid my Converse over my socks and ran for the bus.

A few days passed, and finally it was the last day of school. I got off the bus and checked the mail. There were bills for my mom and dad, a few magazines for my dad, a letter from Luke's friend in Jamaica, and lastly a big manilla envelope for me. Luke came in and I showed him his mail and I threw the rest on the table. I grabbed the manilla envelope and ran up into my room. I threw my bag on my bed and locked my door. I sat down on my rug and carefully opened the envelope. There was a piece of paper with a typed note. It said, "Hello, Sophie! This is a friend. I will not tell you who I am, but you need to come find me in a game of what I like to call Cat and Mouse. You must not tell anybody, and you must follow my path I am setting for you. If you follow these rules, and steps, you will be rewarded. If not, I will kill the closest person to you, your friend Beccah. I have her and her family hostage. I will give you a letter every three days. Here are your first steps.

1. Dye your hair brown with the enclosed bottle.
2. Wear your glasses, not your contacts.
3. Use the makeup at the bottom of your package to change your appearance
4. Get on Flight 44 at Seaway airport, it flies off at 10 tonight.
5. Once you arrive at your destination in the morning, go to June's Cafe. Wait there for Johnny. He will give you your next instructions"

My hands were shaking in fear. How did this person know all of this stuff about me? What should I do? Where is Beccah? I shook out the envelope to find a bottle of hair dye, some eye makeup and lipgloss, an airway ticket, and money. I counted it, and found 2,235 dollars. I went to the bathroom and put the dye on my beautiful blonde hair. I knew I had to do this for Beccah, whether or not I would get hurt in the process.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cold Remedies (Or Helpful Tips for Fightng a Cold)

I know it's not really the season, but I have a cold, so I'll share some tips on how to fight a cold that I have found helpful. Remember, I'm not a doctor, so if this doesn't help, don't be crazy and try to sue a teenager.

1. Rest. Right now, your white blood cells are fighting their tails off trying to get rid of this cold for you. Just like you, they get tired, and need your help for rest. So get some extra sleep and try to avoid working or hanging out with friends. Let your body rest, it's that simple.

2. Staying Hydrated. Just drink water! It'll thin the nasty yellow stuff you cough up. Try drinking a mixture of Gatorade with water. Drink both, but don' mix them together!

3. Eating Healthy Foods. Don't eat ice cream, or junk food. This is something you should do all of the time, even if you don't have a cold.

4. Warm Showers/Baths. -  This will loosen up your mucus and just simply relaxes you. No time for a bath? No Problem! Just take  a wash-cloth and get really hot water on it. Then, put it by your nose and inhale the vapors. Inhale through your nose, and out of your mouth.

5. Helpful Foods Eat lots of yogurt. Yogurt helps your immune system. Fruits and vegetables are a good thing, too. But, avoid dairy products except the yogurt, they'll make your problem worse.

Things to avoid:

- Coffee
-Staying Up Late
- Young Children, You may get them sick, or they can get you sicker.
-  Dairy Products (Except for yogurt)

If you have anymore helpful tips, put them in the comments!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Free Things to do Over The Summer 2

Hello, Guys! So sorry I haven't been on lately, my life has been super crazy! So, for starters I've been really stressed, you know end of year, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I am going to be home-schooling my little brother for the summer! It'll be fun! If any of you know anything about this: teaching, ideas, anything, lemme know in the comments! He'll be in fourth grade, crazy right? It seems like yesterday I was holding my new brother, and smiling at his chubby baby face. I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post.

1. Annoy A Sibling

2. Yell at your toilet

3. Pretend you are a dessert island with beans and a hairbrush

4. Act like a celebrity that you hate.

5. Count as high as you know how to count

6. Make a toilet paper mummy

7. Play Flashlight tag

8. Jump on a trampoline

Photo Credit:
9. Walk in place

10. Read

11. Write

12. Try to lick your elbow

13. Clean

14. Take a bath

15. Swim

16. Throw things


18. Scream

19. Play Hopscotch
  Photo credit:

20. (Thanks Jenny! :P ) Arts and crafts

21. Host a yard sale, make some money for the mall.

22. Visit the Library

23. Go window shopping at the mall, it's great exercise.

24. Play these games with paint:
     a. Paint Twister:
     Get a Twister game, and lay it outside, it's not cool to play this inside, it'll get on the floor.
     Put Crayola Tempra paint down on the mat, or if you are wearing white (which is cool) and that you can get dirty, use fabric paint. Color code the mat, blue paint on blue, etc.

Photo Creds:
 b. Paint balloons:
      Put crayola tempera paint in the balloons, put red paint in red balloons, blue in blue, etc.  Have fun! Wear white and use fabric paint if you want.


Photo Credits  
     c. Paint slip n' slide, lay down a clear tape and splatter paint the tarp. 

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25. Research a topic that interests you.

26. Use the scientific method to solve a question. (This can correspond with 25).

27. Visit Youtube, and consder watching:

       -How animals Eat their food
       - Videos by the Fine Bros, Mikayla Samountry (I think I spelled that right...), Graveyardgirl, or another Youtuber. ( leave in the comments your favorites).

 28. Do a puzzle like this:
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29. Visit one of the Amazing Links or this blog:

30. Comment some things to add.